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ROI Insights
ROI Insights
Micro metrics don't make you more money, we'll help track everything that does to improve them.
Proven Recipes
Proven Recipes
We continuously look to lower your CPA while increasing your conversion volume - outside of Google Ads too.
Compounding Growth
Compounding Growth
Your previous performance doesn't equal future results - especially when you work with us.

Your New Google Ads Strategies & Tactics

  • Holistic PPC knowledge
  • Creative retargeting ideas
  • Search, display, and video execution
  • Continuous ad testing
  • Compounding PPC growth
  • Full funnel considerations
  • Conversion rate improvements
  • Competitor insight gathering
  • Custom dashboard reporting
  • Higher sales rates
  • Negative keywords/placements
  • Geographic performance tweaks
  • Poor performer removals
  • Profit driven decision making
  • Form/call/chat conversion tracking
  • Day of week/hour bid modifications
  • Data driven bid optimization
  • Custom audience building
  • Shopping campaign tweaks
  • Deep analytics focus

Supplemental Google Ads PPC Channels We Use

And many more…

Better Google Ads Results With Custom Landing Pages

Knowing that Google Ads is only part of the equation, we help you reach your goals faster by increasing conversion rates with custom designed landing pages. Taking advantage of our understanding of Google Ads traffic temperatures, we can achieve direct response results from search, display, and video.

Better conversion rates also mean that your cost per acquisition (CPA) will lower over time, allowing you get more conversions without increasing your ad spend.


Google Ads Case Studies

Lead Gen Case Studies
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KlientBoost isn’t your typical crap-shoot, dime a dozen PPC agency. They actually understand quality traffic and more importantly, the vitalness of conversion. If you have a chance to work with them, take it. They’re marketing unicorns.

Oli Gardner
Oli Gardner
Co-Founder @ Unbounce

ROI Focus, Proactivity, and Profit

No Long-Term Contracts
No Long-Term Contracts
We put our money where our mouth is and deliver results faster than the average agency.
Always Your Data
Always Your Data
Every keyword, ad, and landing page is yours to keep. Full transparency is how we operate.
Sustainable Growth
Sustainable Growth
Google Ads management is second nature to us. We grow that and look elsewhere to give you more value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You guys seem like you charge a lot - do you?

    Compare to any agency and you find that we usually charge less, but bring much more value. We'll give you all the details once we know your goals and what's needed to achieve them.

  • You must have super long contracts...

    Actually we don't. We do require a 3 month one because of all our heavy lifting. After that, it's month to month.

  • How does reporting look?

    We have weekly calls, emails, give you a custom dashboard, and do quarterly business reviews as well.

  • This sounds pretty amazing - when can we start?

    Right now - call us at (877) 501-3447

Over 520 businesses got a proposal from us in October, 2019

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Competitor Info
Competitor Info
Optimization Tips
Optimization Tips
Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing
... and so much more!
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When it comes to PPC, the first person I turn to is Johnathan Dane. He and his team cut through the bullshit and get straight to the point with the goal of making you more money. Work with him.

Peep Laja
Peep Laja
Founder @ ConversionXL
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