Wrapping Up: Future CMOs Will Be Fundamentalists

Drew Leahy
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The next decade of marketing won’t be defined by theory; it will be defined by execution. 

We know how brands grow. And the evidence will only get better. 

But how do we make Marketing, Fast and Slow work in an imperfect world with limited budgets, high leadership turnover, organizational inertia, CFO distrust, short-term comp plans, 2-person teams, and pressure to earn sales yesterday?

Spend millions of dollars on a world-class Super Bowl ad? 

Create “quality” content and scale it across our organic channels?

Educate our market?

Ya, duh.

The challenge isn’t figuring out what to do when restraints don’t exist; it’s figuring out how to make MFS less risky and more achievable because restraints exist. 

There is no one-size fits all growth strategy. 

Startup vs. incumbent. 

CPG product vs. $50K annual contract value software. 

Small budget vs. big budget. 

New category vs. new solution. 

Recession vs. economic boom. 

While virtually all of our situations will look different, one thing will always remain the same: sustainable growth comes from balancing mental availability with physical availability. Period.

What that balance looks like will vary from brand to brand, but the fundamental principles outlined in Marketing, Fast and Slow will not. 

  • Build brand: Reach all future and potential category buyers and build a network of memories between your brand and relevant buying situations
  • Accelerate demand: Teach the market how to want what the products you sell (out-market), and deliver rational, persuasive product information that influences immediate sales (in-market). 
  • Capture demand: Be easy to find and buy. 

That’s the job.