Bing Ads Incremental Bids
– What Your Mother Never Told You

Johnathan Dane
Johnathan Dane

It’s not very often that Bing has features that Google PPC management doesn’t, and Bing Ads incremental bids is one of them. But with the new AdWords enhanced campaigns, you are now able to set bid modifiers based on the city or region location of the searcher at the campaign level, and not the ad group level that is available with Bing.
Bing Ads incremental bidding is nothing new, but you need to know a few things before you start venturing out into something people often get burned on. And I’ll also show you how to set your incremental bids within Bing Ads.


Bing Ads incremental bids are just what they sound like. You bid in extra increments which are defined as small increases, and in this case that would be your cost per click (CPC) bid for your keywords.


Incremental bidding is a way for you to increase your bids (and hopefully your ad rank) when a searcher qualifies for certain criteria you have set. These criteria involve gender, age, location, day of the week, and time of day.


Let’s say that you are selling romantic werewolf novels (If you haven’t read about this little gem, you can here) and your max cost per click bid is $1.00. Well, you know that it’s usually the people ages 35-49 who buy your books, so you set an bid increment of 10% for this demographic age group. But you don’t want to get too crazy, as the older demographics also enjoy a good read once in a while too.
You can even decide to tinker with gender specific incremental bids.
Secondly, you know that people from the North Dakota are the horniest bunch when it comes to werewolf romance, so you set another bid increment of 20% to searches in that state.
And then third, for some reason your data has been telling you that you sell the most novels on Wednesdays (hump day!) so you set another incremental bid for 25% when people search for ‘romantic werewolf novels’ on Wednesdays.
Now, if a searcher were to qualify for all those incremental bids, that means that you would max be paying $1.45 as the incremental bids are not compounded.

Here’s Bing’s example explained in a short little table:

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 01.44.58


Extra Things To Note

  • All incremental bids are rounded to the nearest cent.
  • You only pay for the incremental bid criterions that match. Let’s say that your third incremental bid is for Wednesdays, well the Bing Ads system will bypass the other incremental bids if they do not match up what has been specified by you. So in that case, you would only be paying $1.25 for the click.


How To Set Up

Even if you don’t hire a ppc marketing agency, it’s super easy. Either in your Bing Ads campaign or ad group settings, under advanced targeting options, you’ll find the criteria specific to what you want to bid more on. See below. Bing Ads incremental bids are here to stay and they’re only going to get more targeted in the future.
And that’s it! As always, please share this amongst your romantic werewolf reading friends!
Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 01.41.48