Bing Ads is Growing With Bing
Gaining More Market Share

Johnathan Dane
Johnathan Dane

We See You Bing Ads. Flexing Those Search Muscles. (image source)

Bing Ads might be decades behind AdWords when it comes to reach and deliverability of paid search. But don’t let that deter you from giving it a shot.
Many companies today rely on Google AdWords solely for their revenue, which in a way, is kinda scary. By putting their eggs in only one basket, how many companies will be devastated once their managed AdWords account is put on hold, paused, or terminated?
Enter Bing Ads. 
The dual punch of two search engines (both Bing and Yahoo!), Bing Ads is poised to continue its search market share growth as Bing itself has now risen to take 17% of the market.  With lower cost per clicks (CPC) and not as much advertiser competition like there is on Google, Bing Ads is an obvious addition to your search marketing/PPC efforts. 
And, with the latest enhanced campaign changes from Google, Bing Ads lead program manager called out Google and said that advertisers deserve more control. Meaning that the Bing Ads team is working very hard to improve the functionality and control that advertisers and marketers have lost with AdWords (like running mobile only campaigns, cough cough).
Yes, the Bing Ads user interface is sort of a nightmare compared to AdWords, their dang editor only works on Windows (go figure), and their support is at the neanderthal stage compared to AdWords. But the additional lift in traffic of around 20-30% with cheaper cost per acquisitions than AdWords should dull that pain.
Take a look at their infographic below. It shows some pretty neat stats, including how searchers on Bing and Yahoo! spend an average of 20% more than other search engines. 
Bing Ads Infographic