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The Ultimate SKAGs Tool Kit

A combination of the best PPC
resources you’ll ever need

A Proven Way To Structure Your
Ad Account For Better Performance

Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) give those who click on your ads exactly what they want. Discover how a top performing PPC agency has moved past just “the click” 
to drive more conversions.

What’s Included In This SKAGs Tool Kit?

Cheat Sheet

Want to learn how to scale campaigns with the 1:1 ratio of keyword:search terms, so you can save on wasted clicks that could be plaguing
your account?

How-To Video

Watch as a PPC expert and agency founder walks you through a step-by-step of creating SKAGs for your campaigns to make sure you’re set up for success.

SKAGs Machine Template

Make the process of adding new keywords in SKAGs more efficient and automated with a DIY template, putting all pieces together for easy import
into the AdWords Editor.


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Through custom built pay-per-click campaigns, high converting landing pages, and robust analytics, you’re gonna get more out of your
PPC than ever before.

With a focus on continual improvement, we help by improving conversion rates, quality scores, and click-through-rates through PPC and landing page testing, so that all your metrics 
are moving in the right direction.

And with full transparency, and history to prove it, we’re sure to get 
you kicking some serious butt, super fast.

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