Intro To Conversion Rate Optimization:
A Letter From A Frustrated Website

Katie Armstrong
Content Coordinator

Dear PPC and CRO,
I hope you don’t mind that I called you by your nicknames — spelling out Pay-Per-Click and Conversion Rate Optimization just seems so, impersonal.
I met up with a friend of mine recently and was encouraged to reach out to you. I was told that you two make THE BEST duo and that you would have a plethora of advice for me in regards to my dilemma.
You see, I have been having problems keeping my visitors — I just can’t seem to seal the deal!
I mean, I have a steady flow of interest (okay, even the interest is lacking a bit) but no one wants to stick around long enough to have a conversation, let alone, “put a ring on it.”
As soon as they reach out and we connect, they head for the door. What gives?
How do I encourage conversation, and maybe, something more? Can you help?
Sincerely yours,
Dear Website,
We’re sorry to hear you’re struggling.
You have so much to offer and we want you to know that you’ve come to the right place.
To give you some peace of mind, know that you’re not alone and that we’ve had many of your friends come to us as well, even the most successful of them.
We have the ability to help anyone, at any level, meeting them right where they are, and helping them to become bigger and better.
Like you, others are starting to understand the value in working with us and how we can help them beat their plateaus.
What we’re trying say is, we’d love to help you, and that along the way, there will always be new levels of success to reach – as long as you want it, we are happy help you get it.

conversion rate optimization intro

If you don’t want it this bad, you don’t want it bad enough – image source

Let’s begin by telling you a little bit about who we are, as individuals, and what we like to do. You can call this an intro to conversion rate optimization.
My partner-in-crime, Pay-Per-Click (or PPC as you prefer to say), is a pretty straight forward guy that likes to bring you the biggest bang for your buck.
His focus is on who you are and what you do best, spreading the work about you with relevant keywords that will turn heads and bring you exactly the kinds of like-minded visitors that you want.
But, there is no such thing as a free lunch (well, not at first anyways).
Through PPC’s success, there will be a lot of new interest wanting to get to know you and, with every click, your wallet will shrink.
But not to worry, this can be a good thing and, with a little patience, you’ll get back far more than what you put in, and then some.
If it’s easier, just think of Pay-Per-Click management as an investment – the bait may cost a little upfront, but with the power to wine and dine (and a little help from me) he will gain you popularity – proving himself to be less of just an investment, and more of a profit.

You can jump with joy about that one – image source

Now, let me tell you a little about me. My full name, as you already know, is Conversion Rate Optimization, but people like to call me CRO.
While PPC is the master behind a good invite, I am the brains behind a good party.
I like to analyze what works and change what doesn’t, keeping your visitors happy, talking, and wanting more.
So how do I fix what isn’t working? Well, In order to start, I need some facts, and to get those facts, I need some feedback.
Using your influx of visitors (or lack there of), I will watch and record the in’s and out’s between their “hellos” and “goodbyes.”
I note who leaves, how long they stay, and where they choose to take their exit — working closely with my cousin, Qualaroo, for example, who is a qualitative genius.
Think of him as the bathroom greeter that hears the stories no one else does. He doesn’t say much, but his presence alone can really get people to open up and share their thoughtsraw and real.
Using those notes, I am able to see their common exit strategies, doubling as your weaknesses.
These exit strategies are the “red flags” that indicate where the party starts to go South, leaving your visitors bored, confused, and looking for greener pastures.

cro introduction

The less red flags, the better – image source

In order to make sense of these weaknesses, I pay them a visit and ask myself, “what’s here (or isn’t here) that might cause someone to head for the door, and how can I make changes to keep them from leaving?”
I like to call this an “educated hypothesis,” and I make these often.
You said that you’re having some trouble with keeping your visitors, that they leave as fast as they come? That’s a pretty quick exit!
When they open the door, you might ask yourself, does my party match the invitation?
Did you know that a good message match is the foundation of conversion optimization and helps to ensure a smooth experience for your potential customers?
In other words, if you send out an invite that says you’ll be having a Super Bowl party, you better be having a super bowl party.
The minute you open that door and suggest anything otherwise, you’re already losing friends.
The invite needs to match the party.
If it doesn’t, you’re sending mixed messages, confusing and disappointing the few that show up. I don’t know about you, but if I read chips and dip and find lettuce and sardines… I’m walking out too.
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For example, if my data found that your visitors stay long enough to see the kitchen, but nothing further, I might conclude that giving your guests lettuce and sardines (when they show up for chips and dip) might, in fact, be the thing to take a look at.
Another deterrent to a long stay could be found in your first impression and/or lack of direction.
Without a clear entry, followed by an organized conversation, your visitors might become overwhelmed and confused, causing them tiptoe in reverse, and bolt.
For example, if your invite says that you’re throwing a Super Bowl party and your visitors are greeted with a sign that reads, “Happy 90th Birthday,” good luck convincing them to stay.
Even if everything else in the room screams football, it’s too late, you’ve already confused the heck out of your guests, leaving them to wonder if they just showed up to the wrong party.

conversion rate optimization

Very awkward… – image source

By changing only your sign (which could be the same as your headline), you can increase your conversations and end-results dramatically, clearing up a lot of the confusion that has been keeping your guests from staying until the end.
A lack of clarity can be another key contributor to a party bust.
Ask yourself, are you an eyesore or a breath of fresh air?
When your visitors arrive, do they know what to do or is there a ton of confusion?
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The most helpful thing we’ve found, that can take visitor satisfaction to a whole new level, is a well-designed landing page.
Right now, you’re sending your visitors directly to you, through your front door, with free run of the house.
This ultimately causes them to get hung up, and stranded, in just about every room but the party room.
A landing page gives your visitors tunnel vision, deleting distractions and exit options, leaving them with only one place to go – the party room.
Instead of trying to figure out where to go or what to do, that part is done for them, leaving them to focus on one thing, and one thing only – conversation, bonding, and business swapping.
What does that mean for you? A lot less herding and a lot more celebrating – seems like a win win to me.
Of course, just like you, your landing page will also need to be searched and tested for its own set of exit strategies – you know, just in case your party starts to make use of the windows.
Either way, I can help you just the same. But, if I could make a suggestion?
Try out a landing page.
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PPC and I sound great, don’t we?
Individually, we do our thing and do it well, but together we take “well” and blow it out of the water, diving straight into the abyss of awesomeness. Let me try to explain.
In a continuous circle, PPC and I build each other up.
Without PPC on the frontline, baiting in the interest, my job gets a lot harder.
I can run my tests and try to fix what’s wrong, but without bringing in continual interest, even I will hit a wall. So, having PPC on the frontline is kind of a big deal.
PPC, on the other hand, can make you look the best of the best, but without me, his efforts can go unnoticed and his words can lose their effectiveness.
No one wants to listen to a guy that sends them to a bad party.
So as I keep you performing with your best foot forward, it gives PPC the platform to prove what he says, and lead in more interest, keeping everyone happy, talking, and wanting more.
Last thing you want is your visitors looking like this…

What did I just click on? – image source

Whew, wow! That was quite the intro to conversion rate optimization, wasn’t it?

Don’t worry though, I assure you, once you get to know us, you’ll soon see that we’re a lot of fun and pretty easy to work with – bringing in nothing but great results.

We’re happy that you wrote in and we look forward to hearing more, bringing you many levels of success!



P.S. Our starting rate is one million dollars.