Ultimate Google AdWords Course:
How KlientBoost Trains Internally

Johnathan Dane
Johnathan Dane

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated since the launch of KB Academy’s AdWords Mastery course.

Did you say “Google AdWords Course”? If you’ve been following what we’re doing here at KlientBoost, you know we’re huge on content.

All of our growth to $400K in monthly recurring revenue and 35 team members in 2.5 years has come from this blog, believe it or not.

So it, of course, makes a ton of sense to give our internal processes some outward exposure and launch our KlientBoost Academy.

We’ve started with our gargantuan AdWords course, that might look scary from the outside, but it’s insanely simple and a much more effective approach to Google AdWords compared to anything you’ve ever studied before.

It’s sleek, it’s quick, it’s smart, it’s simple.

And the best part?

It comes with upgrades, quizzes, expert interviews and more goodness that will make it even better than it is now.

In addition to that, we’re also giving all students access to our internal Slack channel so you can ask any questions that you’re curious about – doesn’t matter if you’re in-house, a business owner, or part of an agency.

This course applies to all people and all businesses of all sizes. And did I mention that it just keeps getting better?

The best part is that each course (i.e. AdWords Mastery, Facebook Ads Mastery, Landing Page CRO Mastery) will be sold for $3,000/piece ($9,000 total).

If you act now, you’ll get each of the three courses for $2,000 and it’s reserved to a limited number of people (and courses are filling up fast).

That’s less than $200/mo for learning everything about AdWords, Facebook, and landing pages with a full year of Slack support too.

You can pay for it all at once or break up the payments in four months.

Here’s the link to sign up.

What The AdWords Course Entails

The Basics: You have to understand the rules of the game before you can become a pro at it. These are the fundamentals that give you a solid foundation to build a skyscraper of a dominating AdWords account on top of it.

The Advanced Secrets: You can’t build an award winning AdWords account, get that promotion, or go public without knowing a few tricks.

The best part is that these secrets aren’t growth hacks – they’re repeatable tactics that continually stand the test of time.

PPC Temperatures: Different types of PPC channels don’t perform the same way because they bring visitors who have different intent temperatures to convert. This course will help you see and know what to do differently to get all PPC channels to perform for you.

Threat Levels: Your call to action is threatening to a lot of visitors. If you understand compliance psychology and micro conversions, then you’ll be able to get all your visitors to take the first step in the door to your conversion house.

Smart Ad Testing: Single or multi ad group testing? We uncover the different types of ad tests you can run to get faster insights at scale to move your metrics in the right direction, much faster than your competition.

Mini Baits: There are over 50 different call to actions/offers you can create that are relevant to your business and audience. But you might be holding back not knowing how to execute on these offers or where to create them.

We give you the rundown on which offers work best with specific PPC channels so you have a higher rate of success.

Smoke Testing: Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a crystal ball telling you exactly which offers and CTAs work best with different types of traffic? That’s exactly what smoke testing allows you to learn, so you know exactly where to invest your resources.

This will allow you to multiply your win rates again and again and again.

Funnel Work: You got the top or mid funnel conversion, now what? This AdWords course will tell you what to do to move people from one step to the next, closer and closer to your core offer/goal.

YouTube & Shopping: Did you know you could generate ridiculously cheap leads with Google Shopping and YouTube? Only a very few advertisers now how.

I take you through the different things you can do to take quick advantage of something your competitors aren’t.

The Iceberg Effect: Granularity rules all PPC. This means that you need to minimize the things you don’t control, and get more and more refined so that you have more oversight and power to take action when you need it to.

We should you what to do on search, social, display, and video to get faster results.

Sacrificing Metrics: Did you know that metrics don’t improve together all at once? You’d hope they do, but you have to be okay sacrificing some metrics for the sake of others.

Why You Should Enroll in Our Google AdWords Course

I’m a big believer in spending my time wisely, so that’s why I “do” much more these days than ever before.

But I also know one thing – “I don’t know, what I don’t know”.

Even if you believe you know everything about AdWords, I challenge you to challenge your assumptions and try this course.

It’s quick if you’re a fast learner and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if these methods in this course don’t either help you save or make more money than the cost of the course.

Here’s the link to sign up.

See you on the other side.