AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
– The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Ehh..

Johnathan Dane
Johnathan Dane

Mark your calendars people! Google announced that the official switch from legacy to enhanced campaigns starts on July 22, 2013. Not only is this a severe bummer for advertisers and ppc agencies who love control, but Google is acting as if it’s a godsend! Flexing their almighty power.
Granted, yes, it is nice for the mom & pops who manage their own accounts to not worry about creating multiple campaigns per device. But were they actually doing that anyway?
As the pressure mounts to dominate the mobile market, I’m very certain that enhanced campaigns is Google’s way of “gently” pushing advertisers to adopt the new idea of less control. With added hopes of advertisers creating mobile optimized versions of their sites (which by all means, is a good idea). And by doing so, advertisers will automatically bid as aggressively on mobile as they do on desktops, laptops, and tablets.
Let me take you through some of the good, the bad, the ugly AND the ehh… things about Google’s new enhanced campaigns.

The Good

  1. Sitelinks don’t lose data when changing one sitelink.
  2. Ad extensions can now be set to the ad group level vs. only the campaign level before.
  3. Call tracking allows you to set conversion goals based on how many seconds the call lasts.
  4. Saving time with less optimization.
  5. Ad extension scheduling. (ie. pausing call extensions when live people have left your office, but your ads still run)

The Bad

  1. AdWords still does not tell you which individual sitelink performs better than others.
  2. You are no longer allowed to have phone numbers directly in the ad, display URL, or at some point, sitelinks.
  3. Can no longer target specific mobile phones and/or tablets unless you’re running a display campaign.

The Ugly

  1. You can no longer have mobile call extensions without desktop call extensions.
  2. Quality scores are now mixed as aggregates from all devices.
  3. Desktop/tablet bidding gone.

The Ehh..

  1. Specific mobile bid adjustments (we had more control before).
  2. Set specific mobile ads.
  3. Bid adjustments by location.

As you can probably tell from my excitement, enhanced campaigns are not an improvement for PPC managers. Many of the new ideas that come with enhanced campaigns were possible before, and also with more reporting ability. I do however enjoy the ad group specific settings and the functionality that brings to the table. But to call it “enhanced campaigns”?

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