7 Facebook Advertising Tips
To Unlock The Doors Of ROI

Cynthia Meyer
Cynthia Meyer
Content Marketing Manager

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Original Publication Date: December 5, 2016

Are you searching for the perfect Facebook audience match for your offer?

There’s plenty of fish in the sea to choose from… especially when we’re talking about Facebook.

facebook advertising tips plenty of fish

Missing the mark? – image source

With 2.41 billion active Facebook users, how and why would you go about finding your ideal audience?

Are people on a social media platform even interested in your offer?

To answer that question, and many more, we’ve partnered with AdEspresso to give you seven Facebook advertising tips that do some serious work for our clients.



Compare and Contrast: Facebook vs Other Platforms

How does Facebook advertising compare to other forms of PPC advertising, like search, display, and video?

As complex as Google Ads is, Facebook can be just as complex, if not more. But can be worth it if you know how to use it.

With Google Ads’ Search Network, visitors search for your offer and convert once they find what they are looking for. The Google Ads audience already exists as part of your current demand.

With Facebook ads, you can build up an interested audience that’s not yet searching for your offer and still get conversions. This means reaching a new audience and capturing new demand with Facebook ads.

If you have a new offer and need to generate new demand, these Facebook advertising tips will help you do just that.


Five Other Benefits of Facebook Ads (As Statistics)

1. The volume of Facebook users has been increasing at a consistent growth rate since 2008 with currently 2.41 billion active monthly users and growing:

facebook advertising tips users

That’s a lot of active Facebookers – image source

2. Facebook cost per like and cost per click can be lower than AdWords search:

facebook advertising tips 2016 Q3 CPL placements

Broken down by placement – image source

3. Facebook is by far the largest network of active social media users in comparison to other platforms:

facebook advertising tips social media platforms

On a global scale – image source

4. Native advertising is available on Facebook, where you can have your ads show up within your user feed vs. off to the side (like in an AdWords display network ad).

5. Apparently Google has a growing problem where 50% of people do zero searches per day on mobile. This averages out to less than one search daily per mobile device.

Using Metrics to Measure Your Goals

Breaking down your bigger successes into little granular pieces can help you figure out which parts of your campaigns to credit… so you can put more effort into the stuff that works.

Your macro conversions are made up smaller micro conversions. Wouldn’t it be nice to find out which micro conversions were responsible for the macro conversion?

By analyzing smaller engagement metrics with Facebook conversion tracking, you can check out whether or not you’re on the right track with your Facebook ad targeting.

Here’s how you would install Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel:

conversion tracking

To access the code box – image source

You paste in the code, here:

view custom audience pixel

Website custom audience pixel code – image source

You can see how your audiences are engaging with your various ad CTAs one conversion at a time.

From there, you can create Facebook custom audiences based on what you learned about your larger audience. So you can build smaller segmented audiences from things like actions, engagements levels, URLs, CTAs, or email addresses.

Like most anything conversion related, there’s a funnel of stages to consider in reaching that end conversion goal. Here’s what a Facebook conversion funnel looks like:

facebook advertising tips funnel

Consider the stage your Facebook audience is in – image source

Warm up your Facebook audiences by giving them a delightful experience that’s relevant to each step of their conversion stage.

Do You Know Your Target Audience?

Unless you’re in an arranged marriage, you don’t just hop into wedlock without knowing your significant other super well first. (Most of us, anyway.) It’s the same thing with engaging your target audience.

Knowing your prospects inside and out first will give you a better chance at scoring that conversion.

Get to know their likes and dislikes so you can cater to their every need during the courting process. Do this so your audience will want to get to know you, too.

Another version of the conversion funnel is how well your audiences know you:

Court your audience to the last stage of the funnel

In Facebook, you can create different groups of audiences using as many combinations of targeted groups as you like to find a winning audience that suits your offer the best.

That’s the targeted group you can spend more of your ad dollars on.

Your options are limitless, especially since you can mix and match a wide variety of interest categories and demographics when creating different groups of audiences.

And here’s another of our Facebook advertising tips: you can even create Lookalike Audiences based on an imported email list.

Take it a step further and define buyer personas so you can create audience groups based on your target audience’s personalities.

Do You Know Your Targeting Options?

Once you know your target audience, you can chase after them using a variety of tactics in Facebook.

You have several targeting options with Facebook ads. Check these out:

  • Location: Geographic location of where audiences live based on country, state, city, zip code and even phone number
  • Demographics: Age, gender, relationship, education, job title and more
  • Lookalike: Audiences based on similar fans, clients and website visitors
  • Behaviors: Audiences based on previous actions, likes, clicks, and devices used
  • Interests: Based on interest categories, hobbies, liked Facebook pages
  • Website Custom Audiences: Audiences based on bounced traffic from your website and landing pages

Mix combinations of these targeting options to find out your optimal targeted reach.

Want more targeting options?

Check out these 49 Facebook ad targeting tips to up your conversion game.

The Facebook Funnel and Your Audience Journey

The funnel from Facebook all the way through to your conversion goal may not always fall into a classic direct route.

Moz breaks down the Facebook conversion funnel into something like this:

facebook funnel framework

What drives a purchase? – image source

We use another not-so-common conversion funnel which looks more linear and value-oriented, like this:

value conversion funnel

Gifting value all day long

The broken record tidbit: Not all visitors should be treated the same.

Not only do their intents differ, but so do your visitors’ behaviors, personalities, interests, locations, schedules, budgets, and demographics.

The broken record takeaway: Tailor your offer to the various stages of your visitor’s conversion journey and focus on providing value.

Another one of Ryan Stewart at Moz‘s Facebook advertising tips is to stay away from these four common mistakes:

facebook advertising tips mistakes

Are you guilty of making any of these mistakes? – image source

Instead, follow steps like these four:

  1. Take advantage of tools like custom audiences and the conversion tracking pixel
  2. Shoot for six to nine brand touchpoints and don’t assume visitors are ready to pounce on your conversions at any point
  3. Be value-oriented and gift value all day long
  4. Have some faith in the Facebook ad platform


Fluctuating Landing Page Temperatures

Because each of your visitors are in different phases of the Facebook conversion funnel, so should your call-to-action (CTA) offers.

Matching the right temperatures of your CTA with your visitor’s intents can be the winning recipe to snatching that conversion.

If your visitors are coming from a colder temperature, greet them with a colder offer and vice versa.

An example would be:

  • Direct Facebook targeting = cold visitor
  • Custom audience Facebook targeting = warmer visitor

This is the scale we try to follow for matching PPC intent with CTA threat temperatures, which can be applied to your Facebook CTAs too:

ppc intent and threat scale

The colder the intent, the lower the threat of the CTA needs to be

Test out various Facebook offers with your different audience intent temperatures. Here are some ideas:

CTA offer temperature

Do your offers match up with the right audience intent temperature?


Setting Up Your Success For Scalability

So you’re ready to implement each of these savvy ideas and now you’re wondering what to do once you have all those conversions…

Scale and expand your efforts, of course.

You can use Facebook’s dashboard to uncover some useful metrics that will keep you on the profit track.

Audience Insights, for example, allow you to check out reports about your current audience, such as:

  • Demographics – you can find out ideal audience age and gender, lifestyle, relationship status, education level and job title. Here’s what a lifestyle report might look like:


facebook advertising tips lifestyle

Do you have any shooting stars in your audience?


  • Page Likes: These insights will give you an understanding of top categories correlated to your audience preferences and might look like this:


facebook page likes

Shows you affinity levels


  • Location: Geographic info like top cities, countries and languages.


facebook languages

Predominantly English – makes sense


  • Activity: Activity reports show you things like frequency of activities and devices used.

Facebook device users

Down to the device brand


  • Household: You can uncover publicly reported financial info in the Household tab and reveal things like household income and size, home market value, home ownership and even spending methods.


facebook household size and home market value

Shows you the % of audience matched, too


  • Purchase: Ever wonder where your audience is spending their money? The Facebook Purchase tab can tell you that. Understand your audience’s retail spending, online purchases and behaviors.


facebook advertising tips market for a vehicle

Even shows you who’s in the market for a car

If those insights aren’t enough for you, check out Facebook’s Graph Search to find more related target audience topics.

Once you’ve hit on a winning recipe, take advantage and secure the similar audience traits in your future campaigns so you can secure the profit margins that roll in from your Facebook ad efforts.

Closing Thoughts

With nearly two billion Facebook fish in the sea, you’re bound to capture the perfect target audience by using these Facebook advertising tips.

Building up your demand, honing in on the right audiences and courting your targeted groups can make for the perfect Facebook conversion match.

The perfect match in an ocean full of fish – image source

Now go reel in some conversions…