Get The Highest Profitability From Your Remarketing Efforts (Without Being A Creeper)

Johnathan Dane
Johnathan Dane

The internet is flooded with messages, and it’s no surprise that display ads are getting less appealing than your average countertop brown-spotted banana with fruit flies (yuck).

So with all the digital real estate out there, how do people maximize their return on investment with the tools they have available? The answer lies within display and remarketing.

Many people have decided to forego display ads completely because they say they don’t work. And the fact that you’re more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a display ad doesn’t soothe the situation either.

But what I’ve found is that it all comes down to relentless testing. There are an infinite amount of combinations in pictures, positions, colors and messages that can be tested with your remarketing display ads. Not to mention the constant variation of lingo in your text ads.

One major mistake people make with remarketing is that they aren’t remarketing to the most qualified people. They might be paying on a cost per thousand impression basis while running a Stumble Upon campaign. So they’re getting tons of visitors and cookies are being given away faster than a girl scout bake sale on crack.

Within AdWords management, you’re now able to create groups of audiences based off the landing pages they have visited. This because extremely important when you sell different products or services because you’ll be able to create remarketing ads specific to their interest.


Here are some dyn-O-mite remarketing tips

1) Create specific ad groups with specific remarketing audiences, and then create specific ads for those ad groups. Don’t be lazy.

2) Never include the same messaging in the ad from their first visit. That obviously didn’t convert, so here’s you chance to try something new.

3) Don’t use remarketing for video on YouTube. Putting your brand in between a user and the content they really want to see is a bad idea.

4) Try to entice the visitor with a better, second message offer that you wouldn’t mind giving out anyways. This could be a free report.

5) Keep testing your text, display, and rich media remarketing ads. Why settle when you can do better?

6) Understand that remarketing is often seemed as an annoyance. So make sure your ads don’t scream at them and belittle their intelligence.