The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Course:
KlientBoost Adds To KB Academy Curriculum

Johnathan Dane
Johnathan Dane

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated since the release of the KB Academy Facebook Ads Mastery course.

If you’ve kept up with us here at KB, you know we recently released our AdWords Mastery course. This means that we now have limited availability for the course, as we still want to give each student the attention we believe they deserve.
We hit our goal of 50 sign-ups for our AdWords Mastery course in less than a week after it was released, and over 1,000 people have expressed interest in our upcoming Facebook Advertising and CRO/Landing Page courses.
First, with the high demand for the AdWords Mastery course, we’ve decided to open up the course for more people to join at the same price as the initial 50.

Yes, you heard that right.

Yes, you heard that right. – image source

So, now for the people who are bustling along in the AdWords Mastery course already, the question remains: when will the next course be released?
Well, the wait is finally over…
We released the Facebook Advertising Mastery course this August 14th to the general public.
It’s time to get excited.

It’s time to get excited. – image source

At least half of our clients’ growth over the past few years can be attributed to our Facebook advertising efforts. With a single channel being responsible for so much of our success, it’s only natural that we would want to promote how we personally manage Facebook in our KB Academy course.
Our AdWords Course alone is quite comprehensive. In fact, we would proudly brag about how it provides a much more effective AdWords approach than any other courses you may’ve encountered before.
And our Facebook Advertising Mastery course is no different — Even masterminds of Facebook advertising can find plenty of benefits in the course. And don’t worry, novices are more than able to navigate our Facebook Academy as well.
Our Academy is chock-full of quizzes and interviews of the experts (and on top of that, other content upgrades to cover specific topics). And we keep on improving it constantly, so you’re learning never has to stagnate.
Class is in session.

Class is in session. – image source

All students also have access to our internal SLack channel. So, if you still have questions after (or during) the course, feel free to reach out and ask away. It doesn’t matter if you work for an agency, a business, or are an in-house marketer for a brand team, your questions are answered by me directly
Those who are part of our Slack channel for AdWords Mastery can speak to its value:

“I’ve been a fan of the KlientBoost blog for a couple of years. It’s my go-to resource for PPC strategies. KlientBoost is one of the top PPC agencies in the world, so buying this course was an absolute no brainer. The value I have received since from not only the curriculum, but the Slack channel has been incredible.”

– Micheal Brennan,

How Much Does It Cost?

As you may know, we’re currently offering discounted bundled packages for a select number of individuals who are also interested in our interested in adding on the Facebook Advertising Mastery course and CRO/Landing Page course along with AdWords Mastery for triple the value.
For limited time, our course pricing will be discounted from its regular price of $3,000 per course ($9,000 for all 3), so don’t wait until the last minute to sign-up for the special discounted bundled price of $2,000 for all 3 courses.

That sounds pretty reasonable.

That sounds pretty reasonable. – image source

Just like the AdWords Mastery course was initially, the Facebook Ads Mastery and CRO/Landing Page courses are restricted on seats available for each, so act now to make sure you have your spot reserved.
You can pay for it all at once or break up the payments in four months.

What the Facebook Advertising Mastery Course Entails

The Basics: You have to understand the rules of the game before you can become a pro at it. In this lecture, you’ll discover the history of Facebook advertising, how ads work, when to use Facebook vs AdWords, where Instagram fits in, targeting possibilities, how to navigate Facebook Business Manager, and some unknown Facebook secrets.
The Most Powerful Audiences: Your target audience could be very different than it is on other paid channels. In this lecture, you’ll discover where you can go to gain insight on your Facebook audiences and how they engage, the differences in targeting and crafting ads for hot vs cold audiences, and how to use the offer thermometer to get ideas for A/B testing.

Because who doesn’t want the power?

Because who doesn’t want the power? – image source

The Ad Blueprint: Ad options and types on Facebook vary from those on AdWords or other PPC channels. In these lessons, you’ll discover the various ad types, how to tap into the power of dark posts, and the difference between iterations vs. redesigns.
Stronger Research: How do you know if you’re spending your time researching what’s going to provide the most value for your campaigns? We’ll cover full funnel analysis, graph search, audience insights, and competitor comparisons — everything you need to know to get both a holistic and granular view of the Facebook advertising landscape.
Setting Things Up for Success: In these lessons, you’ll discover how to set up campaigns, ad sets, targeting combinations, bidding and budgets — all while keeping your funnel in mind. We’ll also cover how to track everything, so you can see how effective your campaigns are overall.
Optimization Work: You should not just set and forget your Facebook ad campaigns. There are certain weekly and monthly routines that you’ll want to be aware of. Additionally, we’ll show you different attribution models, so you can ensure you’re not inaccurately giving credit where you shouldn’t.
Instagram Ads: Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a crystal ball telling you exactly what to do on Instagram? That’s exactly what we go over in this section: when to use Instagram vs Facebook ads, or both? We’ll cover important distinctions between the two platforms as well as how to use Instagram for influencer marketing, so you’re not spending ad dollars on this platform.
Instagram too?

Instagram too? – image source

Scaling & Growth: You got the top or mid funnel conversion, now what? This Facebook course will tell you what to do to move people from one step to the next, closer and closer to your core offer/goal. Facebook is great for brand awareness, but it can be used to drive conversions if you know how to scale, grow and measure accurately.
The Most Important Things to Remember: All PPC channels have their differences — so just because you have dabbled in AdWords or taken our AdWords Mastery course doesn’t mean you can apply all the same tactics to Facebook. We’ll leave you with the most important points from your lessons to carry with you as you move forward in your Facebook advertising efforts.

Why You Should Enroll

In the fast paced digital world of today, taking time out of our busy schedules to “learn” instead of “implement” can be daunting.

I wouldn’t want to waste yours either.

I wouldn’t want to waste yours either. – image source

But you know that famous saying right? “It’s what you don’t know you don’t know that you need to know”.
Even if you believe you know everything about Facebook, I challenge you to challenge your assumptions and try this course.
It comes with a 100% money back guarantee–so it’s not like there’s a risk on your end. And I’m willing to bet that, regardless of if you’re a fast learner or take your time, you’ll learn a thing or two. Plus it’s a quick read-through, so what do you have to lose?
Just to reiterate, end of August, our course pricing will increase. If you purchase now, you save $7,000 that you would otherwise have to pay for all three dollars. That’s a HUGE deal, which is why we are restricting this pricing to early bird sign-ups only.
Each of our courses is meant for any person at any business – big or small, beginner or expert level. So regardless of if it’s your first day on the job or you’re 20th year at the head of your company, there’s probably something for you in one of our courses.

Welcome to all you soon-to-be KB Academy students. And for those already enrolled in AdWords Mastery, see you back at KB Academy for another great session!