Landing Page CRO Course:
KB Academy Does It Again

Johnathan Dane
Johnathan Dane

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated since the launch of KB Academy’s Landing Page CRO Mastery course.

Did he just say “Landing Page CRO course”? Well, yes, yes I did.
If you’ve been following what we’re doing at KlientBoost, you know we recently released our AdWords Mastery course and Facebook Ads Mastery courses, limiting our seats for both to give the personalized attention we think each student deserves.
Just like with our previous courses, we’re only opening up the Landing Page/CRO Mastery course for only a limited number of people — so you don’t want to wait until the last minute to sign-up and discover the value this course offers.
Since the beginning of KB Academy, we’ve seen more than 100 total sign-ups for our AdWords Mastery and Facebook Ads Mastery courses, and expect our Landing Page/CRO Mastery course to fill up quickly as well.
At least 50% of our clients growth over the past couple of years has been due to landing page and conversion rate optimization alone.

I know, right?

I know, right? – image source

So it, of course, makes sense to give our internal processes for testing and optimizing some outward exposure by including as part of our KB Academy course offerings.
We’ve started out on a good note with our gargantuan AdWords and Facebook courses, which provide much more effective approaches to PPC compared to any courses you may have signed up for or considered signing up for before. But you’re missing the other side of the coin if you stop there, and don’t look beyond the traffic to actual conversions — your ultimate goal.
Our Landing Page/CRO course is complementary to our PPC courses — packed full of enough value for even the most experienced advertiser and/or optimizer to find benefits, but easy enough to navigate through for the novices. It comes with upgrades, quizzes, expert interviews and more goodness that will make it even better.
Well, if Harry is on board…

Well, if Harry is on board… – image source

In addition to that, we’re also giving all students access to our internal Slack channel, so you can ask any questions that you’re curious about – doesn’t matter if you’re in-house, a business owner, or part of an agency — and get responses back from an experienced conversion rate optimizer and designer in a timely manner.
Those who have signed up for our AdWords Mastery and Facebook Ads Mastery courses can speak to their value.
How Much Does It Cost?
Initially, we were going to close the offer on August 30, 2017 at 11:59 PM (PST). With the high demand for both the AdWords Mastery and Facebook Ads courses, we’ve decided to extend our limited time bundled course discount.
What this means is that you get AdWords Mastery, Facebook Ads Mastery and Landing Page/CRO Mastery all for $2,000 (USD) as opposed to $3,000 each ($9,000 for all three). You can pay for it all at once or break up the payments in four months.


What the Landing Page/CRO Mastery Course Entails

So what does this course actually entail?

We’re about to get so much value.

We’re about to get so much value. – image source


The CRO Fundamentals.

We start with the basics of what conversion rate optimization is, why one should run traffic to a dedicated landing page over a homepage, examples of good vs bad landing pages, how traffic types and temperatures play into landing pages as much as they do ads, and the bigger picture as you move forward with your design and copywriting efforts.

Better CRO Research.

Before you set up your campaigns, you’ll want to do your homework. In this lecture, we’ll cover the difference between qualitative vs. quantitative research, popular and effective CRO research tools, Google Analytics treasures, hottest heat maps, and scrollmap revelations. But wait, there’s more…we provide actual visitor/customer interviews and sales team FAQs, tying in marketing and design efforts with sales goals.

Call to Actions (CTAs).

Because call to actions are such a critical piece of any landing page and define the conversion goal in the clearest and most concise way, we have an entire lecture dedicated to discussing placement, copy, and choosing the right CTAs for the right audience.

Lead Generation Forms.

There’s a lot that goes into designing and setting up lead generation forms. We’ll cover the importance of forms above vs below the fold, compliance psychology in the fields you present and requests made, and our coined Breadcrumb Technique, so you know just how to get visitors to move to a point of conversion without scaring them away and seeing heavy bounces on your landing pages.

User Experience Steroids.

How important is design? Super important and we’ll cover why in this lecture. If you have never heard of Dribbble, you will. Also, we deep dive into the secret ingredients of CRO, font and readability — to go over what our team has seen work time and time again for clients.

Celestial Copywriting.

Just as important as design is copywriting. One word can make or break your attempts to convert. We’ll teach you the best headline writing formulas, including those in your multi-step forms, as well go over iconography and The Power of 3. Then, we end with 20 social proof examples and the importance of including them on your landing pages. We’ll give you all the knowledge and tools you need to come out as a pro copywriter.

Visuals with Impact.

We’re dedicating a whole lecture to hero images and how these are such a crucial part of your landing pages. Imagery supports copy and vice versa. You want to make sure visuals complement both your audience and the positive representation of the offer you want the visitor to convert on. Everything from what direction someone is looking to using original rather than stock imagery can make an impact.

Tracking Towards Success.

So, everything we go over in previous lectures will mean nothing if you can’t track your successes and areas of improvement. We’ll show you how to set up conversion and goal tracking with UTM parameters and hidden fields, and sync it up with your PPC campaigns. We even dive a little deeper to cover micro-conversion tracking and call tracking.

A/B & Multivariate Testing.

It can be hard to conclude results from just one campaign or one test. Learn all about A/B and multi-variate testing, variation volume and false positives. You’ll learn how to devise tests from the analytics and feedback you get, factors that can destroy tests, the difference between redesigns and iterations and how to make testing a priority throughout your company.

Scaling & Growth.

Once you have the knowledge and tools, and have seen some successes, you’ll want to know how to scale those efforts and maximize return. You can scale too quickly or in areas that are not priority areas, so it’s important to make a solid plan on new traffic channels and revenue generating offers that play well off what you already have in gear and utilize the least amount of resources.

The Best Performing Tests.

We mention testing in a previous lecture–but rather than waste time running tests arbitrarily without a baseline, we would like to give you a good place to start based off where we’ve seen positive impact and results. You’ll learn all about traffic quality, fake test offers, hyper locality, intermittent conversion steps, balancing conversion rates and business sense. There are some things you can sacrifice. As you work backwards, you’ll see where your focus needs to be.

Why You Should Enroll

I’m a big believer in spending my time wisely, so that’s what I “do” much more these days than ever before. But I also know one thing – “I don’t know, what I don’t know”. Even if you believe you know everything about landing pages/CRO, I challenge you to challenge your assumptions and try this course.
It’s quick if you’re a fast learner and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if these methods in this course don’t either help you save or make more money than the cost of the course.
All of these courses apply to all people and all businesses of all sizes — so yes, that means you can find some value in taking even one of them.

Welcome to all you soon-to-be KB Academy students. And for those already enrolled in AdWords Mastery or Facebook Ads Mastery, see you back at KB Academy for another great session.
Are you ready?

Are you ready? – image source