17 Thank You Page Ideas To
Nurture Visitors Through The Sales Cycle

Cynthia Meyer
Cynthia Meyer
Content Marketing Manager

Ever feel like there’s not enough Thank Yous out there?
You know, like when you work your darndest to make sure things are running smoothly and that you’re following all the rules. Gets tedious.

Thank you pages are a perfect opportunity to not only make your visitors feel warm and fuzzy about their fresh conversion, but also help cultivate your visitor’s conversion momentum turning it into an actual sale, upsell opportunity, or even a lifetime customer.
A person who converted likes you. Now is the perfect time to ask for more.
Not using a thank you page strategically is a waste of attention and real estate space.
After all, the end goal is to increase that customer lifetime value to increase your recurring revenue, right? A thank you page can help you reach that goal.

What Is A Thank You Page?

The thank you page is the post-conversion page that shows up immediately after your visitor opts into your offer. Typically, visitors are automatically redirected to the thank you page URL.
A thank you page can take on several formats. Some variations here:
Here’s an example of an ecommerce thank you page:

screen shot 2016 11 11 at 9.06.32 am
Amazon makes it too easy to one-click purchase.

Here’s an example of a thank you page I received after subscribing to Seth Godin’s blog:

Screen Shot 2016 11 10 at 10.13.17 AM
Subscription confirmed, plus some social share links.

Here’s the thank you page I arrived at after opting in to receive Nozomi Morgan’s free leadership ebook:

Screen Shot 2016 11 10 at 10.10.18 AM
Download button included right in the middle of the page.

Why Should You Care About A Thank You Page?

Now that your visitor has said yes to your offer by completing the opt-in form and clicking the call-to-action (CTA) button, it’s the perfect chance for you to really shine.
Delight your visitors so they’re even more attracted to your brand.
If your offer isn’t a sale, then use the thank you page to further push people through the decision-making and sales cycle. You can show off to your visitors and give them a taste of what it’s like to be a customer of yours.
If your conversion is a sale on your ecommerce site, you can use a  thank you page to build retention and increase the lifetime value of your customers (more on that later).
Broken into Conversion Confirmation, Nurturing Components, Trust Building and Feedback categories, here are 17 thank you page ideas to help you nudge your visitors through to your end goal: making more money.
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Conversion Confirmation

Thank You Page Idea #1: Exacting Expectations

Make your visitors feel good about their conversion by giving them specific details about what to expect next.
Show and tell them: here’s what happens next, and include explicit info about where, how, and when the offer be delivered. The more specifics, the better.
Let them know they’re still in the right place and on the right track to improving their life with your offer.
Here’s an example thank you page from Omniconvert. After signing up for a free trial, this is what I saw when I clicked submit:

omni convert thank you
As promised, the URL redirected me straight to the dashboard in just a few seconds.
omni convert dashboard post thank you
There was no confusion about what was going to happen next or where the page would navigate.

Thank You Page Idea #2: Auto-Responder Email

Further bolster your visitor’s opt-in by sending an immediate auto-responder email. Consider the email to be and extension of the thank you page that outlives the redirect URL.
It’s another way to further confirm the details of your visitor’s recent opt-in and another way for you to make an impression, so include those exacting details.
Right after I converted on the Omniconvert page, I received this email from the CEO in my inbox:

welcom to omnivert email
It explains very clearly, the delivery of what I signed up for.

The email also included a bunch of additional components like exploratory links, social shares, and additional invitations (more on that in a bit).
Here’s another example of an auto-response email I received from Hubspot that explicitly explained what, how often and where I’d be receiving their offer:

Screen Shot 2016 11 03 at 4.32.27 PM
New agency content received daily in my email inbox - pretty clear expectation.

There are also extra nurturing components included in the email (more on that in a bit).

Thank You Page Idea #3: Multiple Delivery Options

It’s currently a buyer’s world and offers should be delivered in a way that the customer actually wants. Once your visitor has opted into your offer, gift them the convenience of choosing how they want their offer delivered.
For instance, if your offer is a downloadable ebook, offer access to an immediate download button or an email delivery of the link, so they can save the reading for later.
When I opted in for a Hubspot ebook, I received access to the file download both in the immediate thank you page as well as in the auto-response email.
Here’s the thank you page access:

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 9.32.45 PM
It allows me to download or email it

Here’s the email access:

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 9.28.42 PM
Notice the large referral CTA button (more on that later).

Providing your visitors with the choice of delivery gives them chance to tell you how they want things done. It’s a way for your offer to conveniently fit into their life.

Thank You Page Idea #4: Visuals That Excite

Use imagery to show your visitors what’s to come and to get them excited about it. Visually appeal to your visitors sense of anticipation.
After installing 100s of Recipes extension, I arrived at this thank you page, which included several image options on where to go next.

The images entice actionable options to get cooking now.

Thank You Page Idea #5: Tap Into Your Visitor’s Ego

The concept of reciprocity (psychology concept #27) likely played a role in getting your visitor to click on your CTA. Now it’s your turn again to return the favor by feeding into their ego and use the reciprocity concept again. Here’s two stages of reciprocity:

  • The landing page reciprocity: you provided so much value to your visitors (and gifted it for free with no strings attached) that they felt inclined to return the favor by opting into your offer.
  • The thank you page reciprocity: your visitor opted into your offer and gave up some personal contact info, so you double up on the reciprocity effort and make the post-conversion experience as valuable, enjoyable and effortless as possible. Oh and you shower your visitors with gratitude.

No Kid Hungry used this concept to reach their donation goals. They entice visitors further into the conversion by describing what $10 pays for:

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 10.21.18 PM
This clearly explains the benefit of your donation

Then after the donation made, the thank you page feeds into the donor’s ego and explains specifically what that contribution did.

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 10.14.25 PM
Wouldn’t your ego feel good after receiving this compliment?

Nurturing Components

Now that you have your visitor’s interest, give them even more value by including relevant useful offers. Unlike landing pages, the attention ratio on a thank you page can go upwards of 1:1.
This is the appropriate place to add exploratory info and links to other relevant content. You can include additional forms, links to your best content, helpful resources, and the navigation bar.
Offer ideas: white papers, case studies, books, ebooks, educational info, webinars. Invite your visitors to enjoy anything else that’s related, educational, helpful and valuable.
Here’s an example from Fisher where we included their most popular content on the right-hand column of their thank you page:

Screen Shot 2016 11 07 at 3.22.23 PM
Options to explore more educational resources.

Thank You Page Idea #7: Email Subscription Invite

On your thank you page, you can include an invitation to subscribe to your email list. If you don’t already have your visitor’s email address, this is the perfect opportunity to capture the contact info so you can continue the nurturing process.
After signing up for a MailChimp account, I was offered two email subscription options:

Screen Shot 2016 11 08 at 4.09.39 PM
Which one would you subscribe to?

Thank You Page Idea #8: Referral Requests

This one is easy to shy away from because it can feel like you’re asking your visitors for a favor - and that goes against the reciprocity concept, right? Nah - there can actually be a positive impact that comes with asking your converted visitors for the referral or for the share request.
So long as your offer is something that successfully works and improves your visitor’s life, your user should feel like referring and sharing your offer will enhance their social standing.
Getuwired’s Ella Wilson describes referral psychology:

“It’s your job to make your clients believe referring your business will reflect positively on them if you want to get more referrals.”

Takeaway: Make your offer so bomb that people will look good by recommending, referring or sharing your offer.
Tip: Make the referral process as easy and seamless as possible, so your visitors aren’t doing any of the hard work.
After opting in to download Hubspot’s Why You’re Losing Proposals ebook, I landed on a URL that looked like this:

Screen Shot 2016 11 03 at 4.34.37 PM
Before even downloading the file, the Email to a Friend request is there.

And once that CTA is clicked, the email is already written with subject, copy and link all ready to go:

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 9.51.51 PM
Referring doesn’t get much easier than that.

Here’s a Refer a Friend example included in Segment’s Thank You pop-up, designed by our own Shane Goodwin:

Screen Shot 2016 11 07 at 1.01.26 PM
Simple CTA.

Thank You Page Idea #9: Educational Videos

Another option is to include explainer or how-to videos. Webinars are an educational video version.
On the same Hubspot ebook thank you page, there’s an Agency Partner Program video immediately below the fold. The video provides additional and related info based on my download of the proposals ebook and my opt-in within the agency category.

hubspot partner agency
Although it’s an up-sell, the video educates the visitor about the program.

Thank You Page Idea #10: Completion Reminders

You can help to nurture your visitors and nudge them through the decision-making cycle by encouraging the registration completion on your thank you page. Couple your offer delivery with a next-step offer.
For ecommerce sites, this can be reminders of sales completion or links to previously viewed items.
For lead generation sites, this can be reminders of registration completions for proposals, audits, guided tours or demo requests.
The idea is to offer something of value that is one step closer to your defined sales conversion.
Here’s an example of a thank you page I received after signing up for Mac Select membership:

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 1.50.35 PM
They continue to encourage visitors to move through the conversion funnel by reminding you to create an account.

Hubspot does this as well. I opted in for their Ultimate Guide to Using Online Surveys ebook and on the same thank you page that delivered the download link, Hubspot included this next-step nudge:

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 9.09.07 PM
They even completed the form for me from my previous form submission. No heavy-lifting needed.

Thank You Page Idea #11: Coupon Codes and Discounts

This one is designed to entice your converted visitor to come back for more. Offering a coupon code or promotional discount is a way to reward your visitor and make them feel like they’re a part of an exclusive club.
Personalize wherever possible to make your visitor feel special and  like you’re speaking directly to them. If it’s a limited time offer you can also tap into your visitor’s sense of loss aversion and urgency (psychology concepts #19 and #20).
Here’s the personalized complimentary shipping offer I received after opting into Mac Select.

Screen Shot 2016 11 06 at 7.44.45 AM
With a unique Mac Select ID assigned to each visitor, the experience is even more personalized and exclusive.

And here’s what I received as a nurturing offer with limited time:

Screen Shot 2016 11 06 at 8.34.16 AM
Did you say free shipping?!

Thank You Page Idea #12: Cross-Promotions

Another nurturing component to include on your thank you page is cross-promotional info. Based off of your offer and the specific area of interests that you appeal to, you can include additional recommendations for your visitors.
Remember to consider where your visitor came from and where your visitor stands in the decision-making cycle and speak to that need. As always, think comprehensively and put things into the context of your visitor’s life.
If you have an ecommerce site, recommend other complementary products on your thank you page.
Similar to the Hubspot educational videos example above (Idea #9), Long Island Cares also cross-promoted an additional and related offer. I opted in for a cooking recipes offer and was redirected to this thank you page with an offer to donate to the hungry:

give.licares.orgthank you
Thank you page with donation offer
give.licares.orgthank you 2
Donating to the hungry is a relevant cross-promotion for the original food recipes.

Thank You Page Idea #13: Upselling Opportunities

Similarly, when I opted to make a donation toward No Kid Hungry, I received a pop-up urging me to ante up and make monthly donations instead of the one-time donation. This happened in the step directly before the thank you page, and was a way to up-sell amidst the conversion momentum.

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 10.13.14 PM
Tough to refuse a hungry face like that.

The same upselling concept can be applied to ecommerce sites, where you recommend larger bundles or purchase upgrades.

Trust Building

Thank You Page Idea #14: Social Proof and Social Share Requests

Another way to keep the conversion momentum going is to urge your visitors to keep in touch on a more social level. Use social share invitations, social proof and testimonials.
After opting into Backlinko’s Skyscraper Technique Checklist, I received an email with a confirmation link that led me to this page:

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 2.18.23 PM
Inviting and personal for 41k Twitter followers.

The page appears to be personal with the headshot of Brian Dean, and he includes a request to reach out to him on Twitter. He references a community of over 41k Twitter followers that he personally wants to get to know.

Thank You Page Idea #15: Testimonials

In addition to the details of the offer, you can include testimonials to show off how useful and beneficial your offer was to other people. After signing up for Leadpages webinar, I was redirected to a thank you page that included a testimonial:

Screen Shot 2016 11 06 at 9.41.46 PM
The friendly grin helps personalize the experience, too.

If you scroll down the thank you page for our own KlientBoost Partner Program, you’ll see also a testimonial feature:

Screen Shot 2016 11 09 at 5.25.36 PM
The simple testimonial with pic helps to humanize the offer.

Thank You Page Idea #16: Conversational Copy

Wherever whenever possible try to be as human as possible and continue the conversation all the way through from your ads to your post-conversions.
The consistent tone and voice in your brand can shine during the Thank You stage as well.
Here’s the conversational email I received after my Erno Laszlo purchase:

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 10.34.35 PM
Nice - we got two thank yous and conversational elements.


Thank You Page Idea #17: Feedback Requests

Use a survey to request feedback from your thank you page visitors. This is a way to further engage your visitors and a way to receive potentially useful insights into the customer’s perspective.
You can request user info and feedback on what they’d like to see next, or any related pain points your visitors typically deal with.
Tap into their life using feedback tools, and use this as a chance to always be improving your offer and your customer experience.
Here’s how Erno Laszlo incentivized participation in their post-purchase survey:

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 9.19.25 PM
Incentivized with a $100 reward.

By clicking Continue, I was brought immediately to the survey, which also told me specifically how long the survey would be:

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 9.19.50 PM
15 short questions at the most.

When I finished completing the survey, I arrived at this:

Screen Shot 2016 11 04 at 9.23.13 PM
Voila - immediately the promised award was delivered (at least the choosing part).

Closing Thoughts

Testing all the thank you page ideas goes without saying. Some versions of these pieces will work better than others. Also, try out combinations and pairings of each in case you tap into a winning combo.
You can also take it one step further to thank your customers via multiple channels. In addition to having a thank you page, try sending a physical hand-written thank you note. It is a lost art, but customers may appreciate the extra thought and consideration.
The key is to track all those thank you page conversions so you can notch up your effort on what works best. It’s all part of the decision-making cycle, so take advantage of the conversion momentum and further push your visitors down the sales funnel. If your visitors are already customers, increase the retention and lifetime value.

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